The mission of The Hannah Center is to assist women in life crisis through compassion and guidance in a nurturing environment.

The Hannah Center opened its doors in June of 1993. Her primary purpose has been to provide options for pregnant women who can no longer remain in their home environment. Our home has been a refuge to many, and we continue to welcome any woman in need, pregnant or not, without judgement or prejudice. It is our endeavor to meet their emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs so they and their families can achieve their full potential.

We support human life in all its forms.

We offer a home environment that is welcoming and non-judgmental to all who enter.

We commit to assisting in positive life changes. We embrace holistic care of a woman, taking into consideration her physical, emotional, social, familial and spiritual needs.


The philosophy of The Hannah Center rests on the belief that all life is sacred. The Center is a home dedicated to meeting the needs of a woman facing a life crisis. Our moral commitment is to the women who come to stay with us.

Our voluntary group home atmosphere is conducive to and advocates personal growth. We lead a structured, yet loving home life. Life skills are acquired as residents participate in the day-to-day running of the home.

Because we are a pro-life organization that believes in the sanctity of life, The Hannah Center does not support abortions or make referrals for contraceptives.